The Last Post :(

Well I told myself I wouldn’t get emotionol but.This week I had a pirate play. As you can tell it is about pirates. I had field day. A party where […]

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This week was the one of most boring week but I did some :(. I did TCAP. I made a commercial. I had a electronics day.The fact of the day […]

This week was pretty exciting. The fact of the week is it takes a wet dog less than a second to shake off half of the water on its fur. […]

This week was a pretty normal ¬†week. I didn’t really do much. Well the fact of the week is that your heart pumps enough blood in a day to fill […]

Mountains and Oceans ¬†Affecting the Weather By: LoRen Seagrave Mountains and oceans affect the weather in many different ways. I will be explaining these different ways. Sit back and relax […]

This week I did so many things. I got a mustach eraser from music. There was a track meet and we made a video that will be on my blog. […]

Week 28

This week was a good week. I had TCAP prep. I did a research project about scientific tools. My friend Dominic had a party. The fact of the day is […]