Mountains and Oceans  Affecting the Weather By: LoRen Seagrave Mountains and oceans affect the weather in many different ways. I will be explaining these different ways. Sit back and relax […]

This week I did so many things. I got a mustach eraser from music. There was a track meet and we made a video that will be on my blog. […]

Week 28

This week was a good week. I had TCAP prep. I did a research project about scientific tools. My friend Dominic had a party. The fact of the day is […]

Science Tools By: Loren Seagrave There are many different tools that scientist ,but I am going to only name Three. For example: a microscope, a anemometer, and a barometer. They […]

This week was a great week. I had a sub. I got to go to an after school science thing.There was brains, legos,  airplanes, clay, Ipads, and a catapult ! It […]

Cells By: LoRen Seagrave   Cells have many different parts that do different things. These parts are called organelles. Some organelles are the membrane which controls what flows in and […]

This week was an week of chaos but it was ok. First we made a powerpoint on science. My book report was this week. There was a second grade play […]

Week 25

Week 25 was an awesome week. First this week was Dr. Susses week which is in 5 days of weird. On Monday the wether was bad so we didn’t go to […]